Pay for Lessons
Drum lessons are $80/month or $20 per lesson. Payments are due in advance.

  • cash
  • check (fee assessed for returned checks)
  • Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover
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Discount Programs

Sheboygan Drums is pleased to offer programs to help drum students and families who would otherwise find it financially difficult to afford the regular drum lesson rate. Several programs encourage students to be proactive in funding their lessons which creates an incentive for students to make the most of their lessons and practice time. Jamison encourages youth whose family can not afford regular lessons to inquire about alternatives or consider occasional lessons.
Student Insider Discount: For all students
Paper Route Discount: Students under 18 paying for their own lessons (without parent assistance)
Family Discount: For families with more than one drum student
Sponsor Program: Find sponsorship to help pay for drum lessons
Hardship Assistance: For families who can not afford the normal rate for drum lessons
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