Drum Teacher - Jamison

Jamison has performed or recorded with these fine groups.

  • Superglue - Alternative Rock
  • Charyl Zehfus - Various
  • Dan Gifford - Rock
  • Whiskey and Bad Decisions - Rock
  • Katherine Hansen - Folk
  • Bella Musik - Acoustic
  • Drive to the Ocean - Rock
  • Lazer Beam Green - Hip Hop/Rap
  • Bailey Parker - Folk Pop
  • The New You Trio - Vintage Pop
  • Ka Vang - Pop, Rock, Electronic
  • Tim Weedman - American Fingerstyle
  • 8889 - Pop Rock
  • Erik G. Neave - Experimental Folk
  • Jason Lesch - Rock
  • Timothy Heinen - Experimental
  • Bob and Jane Jackson - Contemporary Gospel
  • Jeff Weiss - Alternative Rock
  • Ricky Raybine and the Rays - Country, Top 40, Classic Rock
  • Paul and Mary Hankins - Contemporary Gospel
  • Liquid - Alternative Rock
  • Neptune - Progressive Metal
  • DIGNITY - Straight Edge Punk
  • Less Than Perfect - Hard Core Punk
  • Manitowoc Symphony Orchestra
  • Sheboygan Symphony Orchestra
  • Oshkosh Symphony Orchestra
  • Lakeshore Chorale
  • First United Lutheran Church
  • Theater for Young Audiences
  • Plymouth Community Band
  • UW-Oshkosh Wind Ensemble
  • UW-Oshkosh Percussion Ensemble
  • UW-Oshkosh Marimba Ensemble
  • UW-Oshkosh Symphony Orchestra
  • UW-Sheboygan Wind Ensemble
  • Various Houses of Worship

About Jamison

Q: When did you start playing drums?
Jamison: I was about 13 years old.

Q: What inspired you to play drums?
Jamison: My uncle had a drum set that I was fascinated by whenever I saw it. I was only a few years old and he would sometimes let us play it - standing there trying to reach the drums and cymbals. It was never enough for me. I was intrigued by the combination of equipment and sounds able to be produced by that collection of instruments called a drum set. I had this feeling like there was something special you could do with that, like a technique or certain sequence of actions. I think I've always had a mind that enjoyed the intricacies of the physical dexterity required to execute drum beats.

I was also fascinated and excited when I saw the drums marching past in the parades. Other less notable experiences also caused this inspiration; I think I remember an episode of The Brady Bunch with a drum set, and an episode of Eight is Enough where the drummer cut loose during a gig because he was so much better than the music allowed him to play and he just couldn't hold back anymore. The music stopped, there was probably an awkward moment, the band scowled at him before they resumed playing the boring music. I just thought the drumming was cool.

Q: What is your favorite percussion instrument to play.
Jamison: Drum set. It's why I wanted to play drums. I love playing drum set.

Q: What other percussion instruments do you play?
Jamison: Any orchestral or band percussion, marimba, and some hand percussion.

Q: What style of music do you most enjoy playing?
Jamison: I enjoy progressive metal; stuff with intricate rhythms and unusual time signatures, like Dream Theater on Images and Words, and I like pop rock, especially where I can play a clean, straight beat and there is room to add cool details, like Vinnie Colaiuta in The Vanishing Race.

Q: Who is the best drummer?
Jamison: There is no such thing as the best drummer. When drummers reach a certain level of proficiency, their differences can not be generalized as better or worse; at a certain point it comes down to style. Different drummers will have different strengths, but there is no best drummer.
Drummers need to play what's appropriate for the band. Some do rock better, some do jazz, some can do both. Then, within those genres, drummers have personal traits that, again, are stylistic rather then better/worse. Some of my favorites are Anika Nilles, Phil Collins, Dave Weckl and Mike Portnoy.

Sheboygan Drums Teaching Philosophy

Jamison currently lives in Sheboygan where he teaches private drum lessons and records and produces music for and with local musicians.

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