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Welcome to Sheboygan Drums

Sheboygan Drums offers self-paced individual lessons in a fully equipped teaching studio in beautiful Sheboygan, WI. Students receive guided instruction to meet their interests and and pace.

Learn to play drums by ear or by reading drum music. Pursue the drums and other percussion instruments that interest you. Focus on the musical styles of your choosing. Prepare for school band or accelerate your pace of learning and get ahead of the class.

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Private Drum Lessons Sheboygan WI

Drum lessons are the best way to learn how to play drums. Individual attention at a weekly lesson ensures proper technique and fast progress. Learn drums with Sheboygan drum instructor Jamison Stokdyk.

Lessons are available for drum set, drumline/marching percussion, band and orchestral percussion, mallets, timpani, hand percussion.

Students will enjoy Jamison's diverse experience and friendly demeanor. Weekly lessons are designed to teach drummers essential drum techniques, enable drummers to develop their own drumming interests, help them become advanced drummers, and enjoy playing drums. Sheboygan drummers of all ages and abilities are welcome to take drum lessons long-term or short-term.

It is common for drum students beginning school band to take private drum lessons. Students taking music lessons excel and reach advanced levels of ability and comprehension. Continuing lessons throughout school band years enables drummers to excel during and after high school.

Recreational drummers find private drum lessons useful for learning drums in their style and pace, or just having fun learning to play something as cool as drums.

Jamison began teaching drum lessons in 1992 and received a bachelor of music degree in 1998. He teaches drum lessons in Sheboygan, WI. Regular lessons are 30 minutes weekly, and occasional drum lessons are also offered.

"Benefits of taking music lessons include receiving personal guidance at all stages of learning and the opportunity to ask the drum teacher questions about drums, drumsticks, drum techniques, drum beats, or whatever, and get a detailed answer for your specific situation. Many drummers never get started because they don't have that opportunity."

If you are looking for drum lessons in Sheboygan, visit Jamison's contact page or visit Sheboygan Drum's page of Drum Teachers in Sheboygan.

Jamison is available for transcribing drum parts of recorded music.

When Jamison is not drumming, he's busy composing music and recording and producing local artists, bands, and performance groups at Sheboygan Recording.

Instructor • Jamison Stokdyk

Drum Lessons

Drum Set

Choose your favorite genre, or choose them all. Drum set is fun to play! Develop coordination and learn to read drum music.

School Band

Students who take private lessons advance faster and with greater comprehension.

Drum Line

Drumline and marching band drumming is a specialized genre. Learn the keys to excel in drumline or marching band.


Many drummers lack proficiency with mallet instruments such as marimba, xylophone, vibraphone, and orchestra bells.


Timpani is the primary percussion instrument of the orchestra. Orchestral techniques such as tuning timpani can be daunting.

Hand Drums

Hand drumming is great for anyone with a casual interest in drumming to play drums, like djembe, cajón, conga, bongo, darbuka.