Sheboygan Drum Lessons

Jamison offers private drum lessons from his teaching studio in Sheboygan, Wisconsin. Students receive individual instruction in a one-on-one context. Lessons are 30 minutes on a weekly basis. Sheboygan drummers will enjoy Jamison's friendly demeanor and diverse experience.

Jamison Stokdyk - Sheboygan Drums

Sheboygan drum lessons are offered for the following percussion instruments:

  • Snare Drum
  • Drum Set
  • Marimba
  • Xylophone
  • Bells
  • Timpani
  • Orchestral Percussion
  • Band Percussion
  • Drumline
  • Hand Drums and Percussion

Drum Rental

Taking drum lessons with a proficient instructor is the best way to progress as a drummer. Lessons are tailored to the student's style and pace. Two approaches are most common:

  1. Learn to read drum music: understand notation, time signatures, and counting.
  2. Learn to play by ear: watching, listening, and playing along.

Most drummers use aspects of both approaches. Drummers who emphasize the first approach will be able to read music. Those who can not read music will be lost in situations where reading music is required.

"I think in the long run, learning to read music will take a drummer farther and faster than learning by ear alone, but some students are better wired to watch, listen, and learn."

In both methods, daily practicing is the key. Beginning drum students should practice 20 minutes every day. Skipping a day and practicing 40 minutes the next day is not as effective, but students have busy schedules and it's understandable that daily practicing will occasionally be missed. Effective practicing is essential to making progress. Jamison will teach you how to practice effectively, and remind you that, "your drum lesson is not your practice time."

Students beginning school band will receive exceptional instruction to gain the solid foundation that is critical for progressing into and excelling at advanced drum skills. The music programs in the Sheboygan area schools provide excellent opportunities for Sheboygan drummers.

"As students progress, they develop a strong command for reading drum music and improvising in live settings, such as rock bands, church worship teams, and jazz bands."

Taking private drum lessons is the best way for beginning drummers to master the basics and surpass the average student. Taking drum lessons at any stage greatly improves the rate of progress and the depth of comprehension, and is a source of motivation.

Jamison is a university-trained percussionist with over 20 years of teaching experience. His drum skills are sought after by performing musicians and recording artists. He has been enjoying playing drums for over 30 years.

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