Studio Policy

Drum Lesson Policy


Students should practice daily between lessons. Beginning students should practice 20 minutes daily; Intermediate students 30-60 minutes daily; Advanced students 60 minutes daily. Lesson time is not practice time. Please come prepared.


Students are expected to maintain regular attendance and to inform me when schedule conflicts arise. Students should bring materials to their lesson: drumsticks, mallets, books, and handouts needed for the current assignment.

Schedule Conflicts

If you have a schedule conflict, inform me the week prior. It is often possible to reschedule the drum lesson if sufficient notice is given. Same-day cancellations are not refundable. Bad weather days will be rescheduled if possible, but will not be refunded. If I cancel your lesson, I will either reschedule or credit the next month. To cancel or reschedule a lesson: call, email, or text.


Late arriving students may not receive a full lesson. The lesson will end on time for the next student to begin on time. Whenever possible, I will give a full lesson, even if you arrive late.

Missed Lessons

If you miss your drum lesson, I will try to reschedule the lesson. If we are unable to find an alternative lesson time, you forfeit the lesson fee.


New Year’s Day
Independence Day
Labor Day
Thanksgiving Day
Christmas Week


Cash, check*, Venmo, and PayPal*, autopay. Rates
Paypal: ask for details
Mail: 1712 N 4th St, Sheboygan, WI 53081
Autopay: ask for details
Monthly tuition is due prior to the start of each month. Late payments may be subject to a late fee. Payment may be made at the last lesson of the previous month or by the following means.
*A fee will be assessed for returned checks and some PayPal payments.

Transcribing Cost: $5-$20/page
Transcribing is the process of writing out drum parts for songs. This service only applies to students who request written drum parts. Transcribing completed during lesson time is free.

Hearing Protection

Always use appropriate ear protection. See How To Protect Your Hearing for information. Ask me if you need advice.
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