TOOL – Pneuma: Drum Beat

Pneuma TOOL Drum Part Notation Sheet Music

Pneuma This Pneuma drum part sheet music shows suggested counting patterns for the verse and chorus in Pneuma. There are a few comfortable ways to count the Pneuma drum part as shown in the examples below.

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Gifts for Drummers

Drum Set with Trap Stand and Accessories

Best Gifts for Drummers Need a gift for a drummer? With the endless amount of drum equipment, drumsticks, and accessories, non-drummers are sure to be confused by the prospect of buying gifts for drummers. And you thought playing drums was hard.

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How to Learn Drum Beats

Three Ways to Learn Drum Beats You heard a cool drum beat in a song and want to learn it. Then you get on your drums and don’t know how to do it. How Do You Learn Drum Beats? Practice is the correct answer. But if you don’t know what to practice; how do you…

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Benefits of Playing in a Band

  Drummers Benefit from Playing in a Band One of the best ways to improve as a drum set player is to play drums in a band. Most large cities have websites for bands seeking musicians. To find bands seeking drummers in Sheboygan, try Bandmix. Creating Your Own Drum Parts Developing the ability to create…

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Drum Practice Tips

How to Practice Drums Make the most of your drum practice time. Progress faster by understanding the keys to practicing drums. As a drum teacher and accomplished drummer, I’ve learned the best methods to learn drums. 1. Have An Objective

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