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Learning drums is fun. If you have a desire to learn drums but do not know where to begin, you may find some of these learning resources useful. Taking drum lessons with an experienced drum instructor is the best way to learn drums.

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Benefits of Playing in a Band

July 27, 2015
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  Drummers Benefit from Playing in a Band One of the best ways to improve as a drum set player is to play drums in a band. Most large cities have websites for bands seeking musicians. To find bands seeking drummers in Sheboygan, try Bandmix. Creating Your Own Drum Parts…

Sheboygan Drums Recommends

May 15, 2013
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Sheboygan Drums Recommends Having the right equipment and materials is essential for becoming a drummer. Part of learning to play drums is knowing where to begin. There is a vast assortment of drum learning materials and drum equipment. Learning what to use is a daunting task. Having a drum teacher…

The Best Way to Learn Drums

February 1, 2013
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The Best Way to Learn Drums Learning to Play Drums – Advice for the Beginning Drummer Especially when beginning, drummers need help entering the universe of drumming. From techniques to terminology to equipment, trying to learn drums without the guidance of a proficient drum instructor is inefficient. Get started right…

Suggest a Topic

January 28, 2013

Suggest a Topic – SHEBOYGAN DRUMS Suggest a topic or ask a question for the Learning Resources page.

What You Need to Learn Drums

December 12, 2012
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What You Need to Learn Drums In order to learn drums, it is necessary for drummers to practice the lessons and techniques assigned by their drum teacher. In order to practice your drum lesson, it is necessary to have some equipment available for your use.

Drum Set as Timpani

Using Drum Set to Practice Timpani

December 12, 2012
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Practice Timpani at Home Using Drum Set This article will describe how to use the toms and snare drum from your drum set as a substitute for timpani when practicing at home. If your school or orchestra can not accommodate your timpani practice schedule, practicing at home can be a…

Ear Plugs Instructions

December 11, 2012
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Teaching Philosophy

October 22, 2012
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Teaching Philosophy This page explains my philosophy for teaching drum lessons and how it influences the Drum Studio Policy for my drum students.

How To Write Drum Set Notation

October 12, 2012
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How to Write Drum Set Music Notation Knowing how to write drum notation gives you an advantage as a student and a performer. You will often find it useful to write a drum rhythm or fill that you want to remember.

Studio Policy

October 11, 2012
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Drum Lesson Policy Practice Students should practice daily between lessons. Beginning students should practice 20 minutes daily; Intermediate students 30-60 minutes daily; Advanced students 60 minutes daily. Lesson time is not practice time. Please come prepared.