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Pneuma TOOL Drum Part Notation Sheet Music

TOOL – Pneuma: Drum Beat

This Pneuma drum part sheet music shows suggested counting patterns for the verse and chorus in Pneuma. There are a few comfortable ways to count the Pneuma drum part as shown in the examples below.

You may want to learn the basic patterns without 16th note and open HH parts. This is a great way to get comfortable with the Pneuma beats. I’ve made a simple version for this purpose.

Pneuma Drum Notation Legend

Pneuma Tool Drum Notation Legend

TOOL – Pneuma: Drum Beat pg. 2– PDF Download

TOOL – Pneuma: Drum Beat SIMPLE pg. 2 – PDF Download

Pneuma TOOL Drum Part Notation Sheet Music pg. 2

How to Count Drum Part for Pneuma by Tool

As with other Tool songs, Pneuma contains odd and changing time signatures and phrase lengths. And as usual, these phrases can be reduced to smaller groups of notes and measures to make things easier.

I initially notated the drum part 5 different ways, looking for the best interpretation to learn and perform the drum part. You can see 3 of the versions in the counting options excerpt below.

After trying it each way, I settled on the version in the PDF above because it couples well with the guitar part. If I were not taking the guitar part into consideration, I would have written measure 3 as 5/8 instead of 2/8.

Pneuma Drum Part Counting Options

These are the 3 notation options I find most practical. I use the first option in the sheet music PDF, but all 3 are viable. Use the one you prefer.

I included the Groups of 3 & 2 because this can be a nice way to break down complex and odd time signatures into easy groupings. If you’re not comfortable counting in odd time signatures like 5 and 7, this can be a great way to learn drum parts that may otherwise be notated as such.

Pneuma TOOL Drum Part Notation Sheet Music

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