Reasons to Take Drum Lessons

Reasons to Take Drum Lessons

If you’re reading this, you’ve already realized that taking drum lessons can propel a drummer forward. I believe drum lessons are the best way to learn drums. While drum lessons are not for everyone, here are the reasons drum lessons are so effective.

Know What to Practice
This is one of the most important reasons. The world of drumming is vast. Trying to find where to begin can be overwhelming. An experienced drum teacher will know where a drummer should begin and how they should proceed to reach their goals.

Learn Proper Technique
Being in the room, at the drums, with a drum teacher makes ensuring proper technique easy. A drum teacher will show you proper grip, stroke, arm and leg motion–and notice when it’s incorrect. Good drum teachers are continuously aware of their students’ technique.

Stay On Track
Drummers who play drums every day as they work to improve their abilities are continuously changing. Their needs of focus can change frequently. A drum teacher can identify when a change of focus is needed.

Be Motivated
Knowing you have a drum lesson with your drum teacher every week can motivate you to be prepared for the lesson. That means practicing the assignment so you don’t look like a fool at your lesson. While this isn’t the primary reason for drum lessons, it can be a positive factor. A great thing about practicing in preparation for your drum lesson is that you’re practicing exactly the things your drum teacher identified as what you need to practice.

Progress Faster
Drummers who take drum lessons progress faster and with greater comprehension than drummers who don’t. Some of the reasons are mentioned in this article. The overarching reason is that drummers who take lessons have decided to put forth a serious effort to learn drums. They’ve made it a priority, and they’ve hired a professional dedicated to helping them achieve that goal.

Individual Attention
Unlike videos and books which require that the student adhere to the material, drum lessons are individualized for each drummer. During each drum lesson, the drum instructor is focused completely on the needs of the drum student. And they are focused on one thing: helping the student be a better drummer.

Choose Equipment
Drum instructors are experienced drummers. They have lots of experience with drum equipment, drums sets, drum heads, sticks and mallets. They know what you need and what to avoid. They are able to advise students about which instruments and equipment will suit them.

Immediate Feedback
Drum students are trying to accomplish a difficult task: learn to play drums. The drum teacher lets you know immediately if you are doing something right or wrong. You’ll know if you’re catching on or not.

Ask Questions
A drum instructor is there for their students. Asking questions in real time is one of the most useful benefits of taking drum lessons. What could take hours of research or days of emailing can be learned in less than a minute of conversation. It’s a benefit eager drummers will miss when learning alone.

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