Summer Drum Lessons

Summer Drum Lessons

Want to Learn Drums This Summer?

Summer drum lessons are available for beginner, intermediate, and advanced drummers. There is no contract or commitment when taking drum lessons at Sheboygan Drums in Sheboygan. Drum lessons continue year round and are available on most popular drum and percussion instruments.

What About Drummers in School?

We understand that middle school and high school students get busy with sports and homework during the school year. It’s normal for drum students to have a different lesson time during the school year and during different sports seasons. Lesson times typically change when school begins but can remain the same year round.

Do You Have Drum Lesson Times That Fit My Schedule?

For summer drum lessons in Sheboygan, morning lesson times are still available. Afternoon drum lessons and evening drum lessons are also available. Drum lessons are 30-minutes at the same time each week. The schedule is flexible to accommodate vacations and other summer obligations. Hour-long  lesson times are available for advanced students or drummers with specific goals which require a longer lesson time.

Want Summer Drum Lessons?

Of course you do! This summer may be the time! Summer is a great time to see good live music. If watching a band play makes you want to play drums, you should give it a try. Drum lessons are designed to teach you what you want to learn. Learn to read and write drum music or learn by ear. Learn to play drum beats from your favorite bands in a variety of music styles. Why not try playing drums?

Take Summer Drum Lessons

Whether instructing beginning drummers or experienced ones, Jamison is great at helping drummers advance and suggesting ways of improving. Learn drumming basics like reading drum music, counting and time signatures, and how to hold drumsticks. Learn advanced drum concepts like odd meters, four-limb independence, and advanced pedal technique. Occasional drum lessons are also available for drummers who prefer learning on their own, but want an occasional drum lesson to address a specific subject.

Jamison can advise drummers about what drums, drumsticks, and equipment to use, and where to find good deals. So, if you’ve thought you might like to be a drummer in a band, get some drum lessons and see what you think.

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