Gifts for Drummers

Drum Set with Trap Stand and Accessories

Best Gifts for Drummers Need a gift for a drummer? With the endless amount of drum equipment, drumsticks, and accessories, non-drummers are sure to be confused by the prospect of buying gifts for drummers. And you thought playing drums was hard.

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Which Drums to Learn

Which Drums to Learn New drummers are excited to learn drums, but don’t always know which drums they want to learn. Drums are percussion instruments. There are many percussion instruments. Drummers can be attracted to a musical setting such as a rock band or drumline, or to an instrument such as drum set or marimba.…

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I’m In The School Band – Should I Take Private Lessons?

I’m In The School Band – Should I Take Private Lessons? Band teachers appreciate having students who take private lessons in the band. Students who are privately taught tend to advance faster and with greater comprehension than those who are not. Having these students in the band improves the overall quality of the band performance.…

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